I make small, anonymous and slightly magical packages which are gifted across the world. My belief is a return to what I feel has been lost in art - surprize, chance, enchantment - and a desire to replace commodity with interactivity and community. I worked in the gallery and museum system for decades and discovered that good collectors love and cherish their artworks no matter their price (or no price) and the story of the work and acquiring the works is more interesting than any resale value.

I (and my surrogates) have released over 8,000 of these gifts so far in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Greenland, Italy, Cambodia, Turkey, Mexico, Australia, Cuba, Belize, Greenland, Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, and many more places.

If you find one of my gifts Tell Me with the Instagram, Twitter or email links below. Found more? Leave it, re-gift or take it somewhere fun. Instagram when you do. So many interesting folks have taken my gifts home and on adventures and have told me about it. Thanks!

By the way - this is my new website (as of 2017) but if you want to see all my works visit my blog at seemetellme.blogspot.com It'll show you all my obsessiveness and the replies from the folks that collected my works before I went to instagram mostly. 

I'm also a teacher. My favorite class to teach is "The Art History of Graffiti and Street Art" and I'll post on the amazing artists we meet. But I also teach a mean Art Survey course, turning those afraid of art into fans.

And I like to explore my city, New York, and the world. I especially like to discover the art left behind by those who were here before us...and those here with us now.