The semester is almost over. Just a few tardy students to nudge and finals to grade. Tough one. Started late on crutches, a new knee and a few pain issues. Finished with a group of good student, with a few real slackers. In anticipation of studio time I created a 35 object throwback series yesterday and poured a few molds. Yes! Let’s holiday!


So, annoying semester. New full knee replacement TWO days before it started. Cane first two weeks with RL driving me up to school - he was so sweet. But then general pain for the run of the semester - and the students got the brunt. (I’ll do better in the spring, promise.) But with vigorous PT and eating correctly (my GP weighed<haha, in right after the operation with a meal plan and meds) I’ve had no time for art making. It’s all - exercises, stretch, eat right, then grade, grade, grade. Perhaps after finals, after the holiday trip home, and after a mini vacation - I will them make new innovative clever works. We shall see. SM


So the semester went OK - good kiddos in the Street Art class, not a fully toxic survey course. I read papers, gave grades, no one complained. Good. But now I have 20 days until the Fall classes start and I have no inspiration...no new works...no..... 


So I came back from holiday a bit directionless. I've been flailing, meandering, and flopping about. I have cleaned my studio, sent some packages, and I've been placing works out in the wild like mad. But nothing seems to work. I have a whole studio of supplies (beads, xeroxes, papers, string) and tools of all sort so what I am going to do is collage with what I have here, make tons of stuff, send and put them out, and see where I go. See Me, and wish me luck in finding a path. 


So it's the end of the semester and I'm tired. Not for any good reason. My three survey classes went passibly well - not to many slackers. I got that great article in the Post and my instagram followers jumped by 100. But I need to step it up. I need to make art that matters and get more of it out there. So, during the break I'm going to revisit my sketch books, make some new sketches, and finally make some art that matters. See Me...